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Temperature Control 

Why It Matters

Heating costs account for approximately 41% of average home energy costs, costing approximately $820 per year.

Top 5 Tips to Optimize Temperature Control

  1. Install a programmable thermostat. Installing (and using!) a programmable thermostat can reduce your heating costs by 1% per degree you reduce the temperature if the reduction is for an 8-hour period.

  2. Open the curtains. Keep your curtains open in the winter to take advantage of the sun’s heat, which reduces the burden on your heating system (conversely, keep curtains closed in the summer to keep the sun from further heating your home).

  3. Use a humidifier. Keeping humidity levels up in the winter (ideally between 30-50% ) makes the air feel warmer and lessens the need for you to crank up the heat.

  4. Dress for the season. If it’s cold outside, wear seasonal clothes (like a sweater, rather than a t-shirt) so that you don’t need to turn your heat as high to be comfortable.

  5. Seal drafts/air leaks. Air leaks can account for 30% of heating costs, so check doors and windows to make sure you don’t have leaks.

Digging Deeper

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